One could easily put drivers to sleep by pulsing microwaves into the simple sleep frequencies (up to 4 Hz), or with more sophisticated pulsing, one could also stop a person’s heart beat and make him or her die without leaving any evidence of a committed murder.

When encoding human speech into pulsed microwaves – the procedure is similar to radio broadcasting – it is possible to transmit either audible or inaudible (ultrasound) messages into the human brain. A human being cannot hear ultrasound messages, but the brain perceives them and a person’s behaviour can be controlled and manipulated in this way.

The density of electromagnetic energy needed to remotely control the activity of the human nervous system does not exceed the standards set by the European Union and is smaller than the density of cell phone transmissions.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, ask you to enact a legislation which would ban the development and use of devices enabling such criminal activity and enable the police of European states to detect such radiations and find their sources. The legislation should also authorize the courts to punish the criminals, who would use it, by harsh sentences.

The legislation should ban as well the use of so far unknown or unpublished technologies which enable the remote manipulation of electrical currents in the human brain and nervous system for the same criminal purposes.

We are aware from the document Crowd Control Technologies, initiated by you, that some Member states of the European Union (the NATO Member states) have accepted the American doctrine of non-lethal weapons, which includes „systems which can directly interact with the human nervous system”

This was indirectly confirmed in March 2016 by Polish defense minister, when he promised to investigate the complaints of Polish citizens claiming to be suffering from electromagnetic attacks on their nervous system

For that matter a part of the legislation which you should approve should also be the prohibition of the use of those technologies to the European Union Member states state security agencies against citizens of those states, because the state agencies‘ possession of such technologies would be in sharp  contradiction to the democratic constitution of the member states of the European Union, leaving their citizens defenseless against attacks on their nervous systems or manipulation of their minds while making political decisions

Since the major European media do not report on this issue (and on Polish news), we may then conclude that the European Union Member states, which are also NATO Member states, are bound to keep those weapons in secret and even bound not to legislate against their use. This our conclusion was confirmed by the Polish weekly newspaper NIE. When its journalists were asking the Polish Defense Ministry why it did not fulfil its promise and did not establish a commission which was supposed to investigate the complaints of Polish citizens that they are exposed to electromagnetic attacks, the Defense Ministry replied that this topic is subjected to national security information connected with the defense of the nation

Because the European Union Member states are bound, by their membership in NATO, to keep in secret the existence of above mentioned technologies, it is evident, that the legislation we are proposing, can be enacted in the European Union Member states only if the principle of subsidiarity is bypassed and the legislation is passed directly by the European Parliament, which is a much more powerful institution than individual parliaments of the European Union Member states.

We have a confidence that you do not support the criminal use of electromagnetic or other energetic fields against the citizens of the European Union member states and that you will enact a legislation, which will protect the citizens of the European Union Member states against such attacks and create agencies specialized in the detection of such attacks.

We believe as well that you are aware of the crisis of democracy created by the governments’ secret possession of means enabling them to remotely manipulate the minds of their citizens. This is in harsh conflict with the constitutions of the European Union Member States.

We hope that you will stick to the values of respect for human dignity, freedom and democracy embedded in the Treaty of European Union and work for the ban of the use of technologies enabling remote manipulation of the human nervous system and mind on the one hand and against the creation of totalitarian regimes of a new type, on the other.

We remind you that already in 1999 you have called „for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings”|PRG@QUERY|APP@PV2|FILE@BIBLIO99|NUMERO@5|YEAR@99|PLAGE@1&TYPEF=A4&NUMB=1&DATEF=990128
(where you have omitted the originally proposed wording „which seeks to apply knowledge of the chemical, electrical, sound vibration or other functioning of the human brain“

Since then you have done nothing to protect European citizens against remote attacks on their nervous system.

author: Mojmír Babáček

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