Letter to President of United States of America Mr Donald Trump [EN]



Toruń, 05/07/2017





President Donald Trump
Submitted to His Excellency Paul W. Jones
United States Ambassador to Poland.
Ul. Aleje Ujazdowskie 29/31
00-540 Warszawa



Dear Mister President,

On behalf of the members and followers of the Polish association STOPZET – Stop organized electronic tortures, which gathers victims of electronic stalking and gang stalking, it is with regret that we have come to a decision to disrupt a sublime and joyful atmosphere in which most of our citizens await your arrival to Warsaw.

However, we have all the grounds to think that activities of the American, both civil and/or military special services, currently subordinate to you, may be the reason behind many strange health problems that we are struggling with.


For many years the United States of America have blocked all attempts to introduce a ban on designing, producing or using the latest generation of weapons allowing remote steering of the human central nervous system, and the neoconservative war doctrine of the USA even imposes an obligation on the NATO member countries to build their own arsenals of targeted energy weapons or microwave weapons, which for instance in Europe results in failure to comply with the Provisions of the European Parliament, which took a clear stand against proliferation of this type of technologies in 1999.

Moreover, independent research institutes monitoring the functioning of the European Union unanimously indicate the United States and Israel as promoters of the European police state and main players in the setting of priorities of multi-year research and development programs in the area of security. The most controversial and top secret programs are carried out under the egis of Israeli scientists with participation of Polish research institutes.

Finally, the global geoengineering program HAARP was many times described by official representatives of various countries as a weaponry that may not only be used to control weather, but also as an instrument able to remotely control entire populations. It is testified by several opinions expressed by American scientists who decided to expose the threats to democracy and fundamental human rights that may be caused by a unilateral or monopolistic use of the system that they themselves have created.


Our association represents Polish people who live in Poland and abroad who recognized symptoms of a vibroacoustic or microwave disease in themselves and in majority of cases are monitored by intelligence satellites 24 hours a day using a brain-computer interface. We are collecting testimonies of individuals who come to seek help. The comparison of these stories indicates an organized electronic stalking practice conducted most probably for the research purposes. There are many reasons to believe that our country has become a testing ground for a very peculiar experiments in the NBIC (Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno convergence) area and our Citizens have been reduced to a role of guinea pigs in experiments similar to those conducted by Josef Mengele in block 10 in Auschwitz.

The way the controllers or operators of these programs address their victims by intimidating or humiliating them using v2k communication (voices to skull – the so called voices inside the head, whereas in fact it refers to a microwave or extracranial hearing) of the same exact contents with different people in different parts of the country, makes one think of more recent and equally infamous experiments to induce ‘learned helplessness syndrome’ carried out by James Mitchell and Bruce Jesse, two psychologists working for the American army in ‘black holes’, i.e. secret CIA prisons all over the world, including Poland.

We are too tortured every day by powerful painful stimuli. These stimuli however are generated by remote impulses to our nervous system and are aimed at forcing a particular behavior on us as we try to avoid further suffering.


In this situation, there is a reasonable suspicion that after a big scandal related to the secret mind control program MKUltra which victimized mostly American and Canadian citizens, the USA transferred the most controversial experiments of psychotronic or neural weapons to the territory of the allied countries expecting those governments to allow the latest technologies to be used on their own citizens to remotely manipulate the physiology, emotions, and cognitive processes of individuals and entire populations with impunity.

How to interpret statements by the former chief of staff of the Romanian Army, general Mircea Chelaru about the program of remote psycho-manipulation conducted under the auspices of the CIA affecting the populations of the largest cities of Poland and Romania? This refers to statements in which he provided lists of cities – testing grounds and hours of subliminal signal emissions aimed at influencing the wellbeing and moods of the inhabitants.

In the light of these disclosures, what was the aim of a secret visit of John Brennan, Director of the CIA in June 2013 to Poland and Romania and why did he meet the Foreign Affairs Minister Radosław Sikorski as well as directors of several special services?

Furthermore, what function was supposed to be fulfilled in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs by an American citizen in the rank of Deputy Minister, Robert Grey, alleged collaborator of the American special services, with professional and family connections to Polish Armament Group (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa), whose companies specialize in the manufacturing of electronic warfare devices or are leaders in the area of radiolocation or telecommunication? Additionally, an unexpected demission of our Deputy Minister strangely coincides with you victory in the elections to the White House.

Finally, is it true that in Poland there is a classified base of the American system for interception of communications, Echelon? Is it true that there is a program much further privacy-intrusive carried out in Poland to monitor emotional and cognitive states of the citizens?


We let ourselves today ask these questions not only because they intrigue many Polish people but as well because in our personal ‘stories of stalking’ there are reports of some of our domestic higher education institutions being involved in super-secret projects piloted by the CIA or the traces lead to Polish subsidiaries of American IT corporations strictly linked to the Defense Department. Also, Polish internet is full of similar reports, although most of the authors remain anonymous, the information indicates very precise locations of strange installations used by the military.

Obviously, we have informed Polish institutions responsible for the security of the state and citizens about these issues many times asking for help for our members. With no result. The only answer we received was avoidance under the pretexts of the state secret or defense secrets of our allies. That is why we ask the questions at the source …


Moreover, we cannot surrender asking you these questions taking into account past events between our countries in this respect. It is enough to quote statements of two prominent Polish politicians from the Solidarity movement.
Józef Pinior, Member of the European Parliament and Senator commented on the controversial case of an intelligence facility in Stare Kiejkuty being used as a secret CIA prison, referring to it as a true scandal that a wish of the chief of an American federal agency could have been more important for the then decision makers than the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and international law.
Furthermore, the former Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński, when he learned about the ‘good change’ in the White House, i.e. your nomination to the presidency of the United States, he publicly shared with the Polish people his hope that finally ‘these extraordinary American interferences in Polish matters’ would stop.

We too hope that your administration will continue a good American tradition of explaining – in the name of access to information and respect of democracy – all abuse inflicted in the USA or abroad by the subordinate American services and federal agencies. We trust that we will receive answers to our questions and doubts and should our suspicions be confirmed, you would follow the example of President Clinton and find it adequate to denounce and curb such practices, punish the perpetrators, to apologize to the victims and try to repair the harm done to them.


Mister President, we wish you an exceptionally successful visit to the hospitable Polish ground and commend ourselves to your kind memory.


On behalf of the STOPZET Association

Zofia Filipiak, President

Stowarzyszenie STOPZET
STOP Zorganizowanym
Elektronicznym Torturom
Ul. Słowackiego 23A/25/15
87-100 Toruń











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6 lat temu

The letter is well written, reflects the experience of the victims. The problem is that there is no actual evidence.

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