Invitation for III International Day Against Mind Control

Independent Internet TV NTV, MIND WARS PL channel and the Association of Polish Victims of Electronic Harassment and Gang stalking STOPZET invite you on February 8, 2018 to the celebration of the 3rd International Day Against Mind Control organized once again at the NTV on the death anniversary of Dr. Rauni Luukanen-Kilde, the charismatic unmasker of the New World Order.

This year, we will host the leading human rights defenders from the United States who fight against a total surveillance, electronic enslavement of entire societies and the temptations of transhumanists seeking to ‘improve’ our genre with the help of, inter alia, artificial intelligence.

We have invited the representatives of organizations associating victims of secret psychotronic or neural weapons experiments, as well as veterans of the American secret services (NSA, CIA), who saw in what direction the world was heading after September 11, 2001 and gave up their prominent positions and fringe benefits. Despite pressure and persecution they took the side of the fellow citizens, including those most severely affected by the system, who unknowingly and against their will are used as human guinea pigs in military programs of no-touch tortures and mind control.

On February 8, they will tell us about their experiences and how the ability to remotely control human central nervous system threatens every inhabitant of our planet. We will also ask them how to stop this global oppression that is generating a scale of suffering that even people like Orwell and Huxley had not thought of.

At the end, we will ask everyone to share a prayer and visualization that flows from our hearts and minds. By the power of love it will destroy the sinister software that converts free people into marionettes.

Be welcome


The show via Skype will host the following guests:

International Day Against Mind Control


Krzysztof Wall – author of the channel Mind Wars PL

Slawomir Wiktor – author of the website ThoughtsNOTmine and author of the channel Mind Wars PL

Ella Free – activist TI, host of the radio show Triumph Over Targeting and host of a radio station in the Whistleblower Nation program. The author of the site:

RamolaD – activist TI, author of the Ramola D Reports program, journalist, author and member of the Techno Crime Fighters Forum group, author of the site:

Derrick Robinson – activist TI, President of the PACTS International, host of the radio show PACTS International. The author of the site:

Karen Stewart – activist TI, NSA whistleblower – 28 years working as linguist analyst, member of the Techno Crime Fighters Forum

Willian Binney – whistleblower, former NSA Technical Director, worked for over 30 years as cryptologist analyst, in the times of the Cold War he was responsible for Eastern Europe, protagonist of the documentary ‘A Good American’

Kirk Wiebe – whistleblower, former NSA employee, he worked of 26 years as senior analyst

Dr Robert Duncan – whistleblower, former employee of CIA, DOD (Department of Defense) and DOJ (Department of Justice) where he worked on ‘voice of god weapons’ technologies, the best world specialist on mind control, author of „Project Soul Catcher’, ‘How to tame a demon’ and ‘Matrix Deciphered’



Zofia Filipiak – president of STOPZET, Stop Organized Electronic Tortures,

Ewa Pawela – mind control whistleblower

Janusz Zagorski – NTV owner


Live transmission from the NTV studio in Sobotka
February 8, 2018 (Thursday) 12:00 – 14:00 CET
on YouTube channel

YouTube: Mind Wars PL

Playlist of NTV videos about mind control (114 films):

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